Paul Auster's case: a man in circles



* Os desenhos foram inspirados em uma pequena história contada por 
Paul Auster no livro The Invention of Solitude, Penguin Books, 2007, págs. 83/84.


deserto [pele] invernal

[clique para ouvir ... and sing to sleep]

Let's build a couple fragile of bridges together 
Let's run across it and reach the sky 
Let's run across and meet the next hazel sunrise 
It's a sign of failure written all over these lonley skies 
and our fortune has created time 
Time of exsiting in a begining 
so today the sun refused to shine 

Sing me to sleep 

Oh my darling, your eyes 
refused to catch my tear 

Sing me to sleep 

Let's build a kingdom in the desert 
and jump up and down when it rains 
and jump up and down the next time it shall rain 
There's only five winds owned by the holy gods 
our gods that obey 
the soil soaked from the sweat dripping down the weeping ol' willow 

Winter is here 
Winter is here 

and she is glowing  
with her light 
embracing her strength with her final bite 

winter is here

*Winter Skin é Y La Bamba no álbum Alida St.